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There are seven species of wasp found in the UK.

The Common Wasp (Vespula Vulgaris) This is the wasp you most often come into contact with. Its nest is yellow/brown in colour and is found in lofts, garden sheds, air brick cavities, in fact any void that can provide shelter and warmth.

The German Wasp (Vespula Germanica) This wasp is similar in colour and markings to the Common Wasp but much larger. Its workers are often mistaken for the Queen of the Common Wasp. Their nests are grey in colour and are found in similar places to the Common Wasp. 

The Norwegian Wasp (Vespula Norvegica) its nests are almost always built in shrubs and trees, with the nest enveloping several branches to support its weight. The nest is grey/green in colour and often very difficult to see. This wasp is highly territorial and will often attack in numbers if you encroach within a few feet of the nest. We have seen a number of gardeners badly stung, having disturbed a nest when pruning shrubs.

The Tree Wasp (Vespula Sylvestris) This is the smallest of wasps found in the UK. Once again it is similar in appearance to the Common Wasp but much smaller. Its nest is generally underground in abandoned rabbit holes or similar. They are the most aggressive of all wasps found in this country. The vibration created by walking several feet away from the nest can trigger an attack.


Wasp Control


All wasps begin to build nests in April/ May and can be a major nuisance throughout the summer and autumn. If allergic to their sting, reaction can range from a sore swelling to the potentially fatal Anaphylactic Shock.

We will treat the nest or entrance point with a pesticide powder, killing all wasps within a few hours. NEVER attempt to treat a nest yourself. Once a nest is established you will not be able to effectively and safely dispose of it. You risk serious injury to save a relatively small fee. Always call a professional!

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